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Take the guesswork out of planning your storm season.

Project your yearly net income with this one-of-a-kind storm budgeting tool.

I put together a basic spreadsheet that you can use to project and track your startup expenses and your ongoing storm expenses.  In addition to that, I've also included an income projection calculator that let's you estimate what your ballpark income should be and how long it'll take you to earn that based on how many claims you can close.

This spreadsheet is a work in progress and I don't foresee it ever being fully "done."  And that's a good thing!  I want you guys to get in there and take it apart and make it better.  I'll add or subtract as we go along

(heh, get it?  Cuz it's a spreadsheet and math oh nevermind).

I explain how to use it in the tutorial below.  

I hope this can be helpful to you as you plan your year and your career!