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close more claims faster

You can close more claims faster by using Schedule It, because Schedule It contacts insureds and updates Xactanalysis automatically, even when you are in the middle of an inspection.

Update: Schedule it is now available with monthly pricing! Save more and use it year round!

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The team at Schedule It is dedicated to helping field adjusters crush their time management goals. This tool is critical for fast cycle time and high quality.
— Mathew Allen - AdjusterTV founder
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Why adjuster tv loves schedule it:


Outsourcing and automating your schedule is one of the best ways to improve your speed and give you the room you need in your schedule to produce high quality claims with outstanding customer service.

Rebecca Wheeling was a busy cat property IA when she founded Schedule It. She designed this application specifically for us in our industry.

Rebecca and her team work tirelessly to continuously improve Schedule It by listening to all adjuster feedback.

By listening to you.

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Before Schedule It I had my wife manually route and call insureds - which took hours.
Now the insured gets a text with self-scheduling options, the claims management system is updated automatically, and the claim is routed.
Now that part of my business is mostly automated.
There is no going back to the old way of scheduling claims.
Schedule It is an essential tool for my business.
— Jarrod Roecker Sergeant of Arms - NACA

Features of Schedule It:



Map and route claims in seconds based on your personal preferences.


ia firm research

Know which firms pay the highest average per claim with income reports.

Also, always know which firms are assigning claims - and WHERE - right inside of Schedule It.



Track mileage and expenses inside of Schedule it.


first contacts done for you

Fast, professional first contact to the insured.


File notes

Keep Xactanalysis and other estimating programs/CMS up-to-date with activity notes.



Free App

The Schedule It app syncs with Schedule It so you have full control over your schedule, right from your smartphone or tablet.


Watch the AdjusterTV Schedule It video:

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