Getting Started as an IA with Eberl Claims Service

In this video, I visited Eberl’s Dallas Training Center and met the team, including Taylor Jones, VP of Shared Services.

I interviewed Taylor and she explained what Eberl is looking for when they add adjusters to their roster, what training opportunities Eberl has for new adjusters, and I even learned how to say EBERL.

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Get Ready for NACA 2020!


It’s never too early to start thinking about convention season!

Conferences and conventions are an essential part of networking and career-building for independent adjusters.

Whether you’re just getting started - or have been in the game for a long time - attending events where you can talk to people face-to-face is not only a great way to build and maintain your network, but it’s also really fun!

What other way is there to meet and hang out with people who are in the same industry as you? You can share war stories, talk about next-steps, and learn about new opportunities from other IA’s as well as all of the recruiters and hiring managers that attend these events.

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There are several large conferences just for our industry, but none is more specific to catastrophe work than the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA) annual convention, job fair, and expo.

At the NACA convention you can:

  • get training including things like Xactimate and water mitigation

  • earn continuing education credits (CE) so that you can keep your licenses current

  • interview with dozens and dozens of IA firms so that they can meet you and see if you’re a good fit for them AND so that you can assess them and see if you’ll fit into their company culture and way of doing things

  • attend fun, organized events in the evenings to let your hair down and get to know your fellow attendees a bit better

  • win amazing door prizes

  • and most of all, be surrounded by hundreds of people who are deeply invested in this crazy, mostly unknown career we call Cat Claims

In this exclusive, extended video, I talk with folks from several IA firms, a gear maker, and a drone developer about new tools for ia’s, getting into the industry, and making a big impact on your first storm deployments.

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DAILY vs CAT PROPERTY [Mid Am Cat Interview]

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 12.24.00 PM-min.png

Headquartered in beautiful Mobile, AL since 2013, Mid-America Catastrophe Services was founded in 1980 with the goal of perfecting the claim management process.

MAC retains the commitment to excellence that has been the cornerstone of their company for more than 30 years. They couple quality and experience with innovative practices. Their objective is to provide insurance companies and their insureds with complete, accurate claims handling in a timely manner.

Mid-America Cat’s Mission: Do whatever we MUST to deliver the MOST.

Utilizing their unique blend of technology, experience, and knowledge across a wide variety of disciplines, they provide solutions commensurate with their clients’ needs. Their staff is committed to doing the right things the right way every day.


Check out the exclusive interview with gene and Keith from Mid-America cat:

The End of Insurance as We Know It?? [ROUNDTABLE]

outsource post image-min.png

This video is a juicy one..

Chris Stanley with invited me to be a part of a graduation open house (online) for his students.

So sit back with some popcorn and enjoy as you learn what industry pros see coming for us in the insurance industry.

There was an all-star panel of guests including:

Rob Galbraith - best-selling author of “The End of Insurance as We Know It”

Jason Heenan - Royal Adjusting Services owner and host of the popular “AdjusterTalk” podcast.

Adam Painter: Host of the new independent adjusting podcast “The Adjuster Show” and owner of, a site dedicated to curating the best resources for independent claims adjusters.

John Bachmann - A true insurance Renaissance Man who contributes to the fast-growing YouTube channel, The Insurance Nerdery.

So sit back with some popcorn and enjoy as you learn what industry pros see coming for us in the insurance industry.

The video hits the highlights of the open house/roundtable.

Watch the 50+ minutes of industry pros talking about our industry:


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The Most Expensive Adjusting School [Is It Worth It?]


There are many adjuster training schools out there. A great many of them offer outstanding results and can also boast a large number of successful alumni.

Yes, it’s true: There is a lot of training that you can get to become an independent adjuster that concentrates on one or a few aspects of the work that we do: one school may concentrate on the estimating software, another school may excel at providing construction knowledge, and yet another that focuses on customer experience, and so on.

But there is one school that synthesizes every aspect of claims handling into one comprehensive school.

The Veteran Adjusting School 6 week program was designed by independent cat adjusters with decades of experience between them. The classroom and field coursework is taught by experienced independent adjusters. Students receive an Xactimate Level 2 Certification in the first week.

But is it worth it?

Consider this: outside of specialized engineering and math degrees, a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree can count on an average starting salary less than $40,000 a year. And that’s after spending 4 or more years and an average of $127,000 total (including room and board) at a liberal arts university.

Imagine if you had the potential to earn $100,000 a year or more and you only had to spend $22,000 to do it? Not only that, but instead of 4 YEARS in school, you only need to spend 6 weeks and you had a very high chance of immediate job placement THE DAY YOU ARRIVED AT SCHOOL?

VAS students side-step the 2-4 year experience requirement that many IA firms have for new adjusters

VAS students side-step the 2-4 year experience requirement that many IA firms have for new adjusters. In addition, VAS partners with more than 25 Independent Adjusting firms for job placement assistance.

So I’ll leave it up to you to decide if the most expensive adjuster training school is worth it to you.

Veteran Adjusting School is not easy to get into, but compared to weekend bootcamps, ride-alongs with adjusters who are unskilled in training, and 3-5 day adjuster crash courses, isn’t it worth it to give yourself the best chance of success by seeking out the highest quality training?

VAS post logo.png

Want to know more?

Watch the exclusive interview with Guy Grand, VAS co-founder:

Getting on the First Call List [INTERVIEW with Schedule It Founder]

Screenshot 2019-03-06 11.28.02-min.png

Any independent adjuster who’s ever been on a cat deployment will tell you that yes:

  • you need to know Xactimate

  • you need to know construction

  • you need to know some policy

But the most important thing they’ll all agree on is that if you can’t nail down time management, you won’t last long.

[full video at the bottom]

When people talk about cat claims being a “trial by fire” or like “trying to drink from a fire hydrant..” they’re not saying that because labeling photos is a pain in the butt.

They say those things because SO MUCH STUFF comes flying at you the moment you step foot on a cat site.

She also talks a little bit about how to network and the benefits of attending the NACA convention (National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters).


Learn more..

Schedule It works on PC and Mac as well as Apple and Android smartphones. It also integrates with all major estimating platforms so your activity diary always stays up to date - automatically.

So you have to have a strategy for handling all the things that will come at on storm.

One of the best ways is to outsource pieces of your workflow to an assistant or a service.

In this video, I sit down with Rebah from Schedule It to talk about how she went from busy cat adjuster to the founder of a software company that specializes in outsourcing your SCHEDULE.

Schedule It is a very powerful platform that will help you save time and be more efficient so that you can close more claims, help more people, and earn more money - all with less stress.

Have you ever done a ridealong with an experienced adjuster? Do you think that it has helped your career? Let us know in the comments!

How to get on an IA Roster with NO EXPERIENCE [PLUS TSI Adjusters Needs You! 👍]


[full video at the bottom]

Everybody who’s a successful independent adjuster has been there: a license, maybe some training, a pile of gear and a new laptop.. but no experience!

How do you get work if you have no experience??

Many times you’ll get advice to go and sign up with the big IA firms (Pilot, Crawford, Sedgewick, etc) and that’s good advice.

However, because competition can be pretty fierce among the smaller IA firms, many of them will go to extra lengths to find and develop new talent.

When you apply to firms, always ask what resources they have for new people to help you not only get on their roster, but be deployable.

TSI logo.png

TSI Adjusters, Inc.

I interviewed Brittany from TSI Adjusters based in Florida and she told me that TSI Adjusters not only has live training to teach you what you need to know as an adjuster, they also have a mentoring program so that you can learn HOW TO BE an adjuster (big difference!).

Have you ever done a ridealong with an experienced adjuster? Do you think that it has helped your career? Let us know in the comments!

Hail Damaged Wood Shake + Haag Education Interview


Haag Education (what used to be known generically as Haag Engineering) has been in business for 95 years.

As independent cat adjusters, we should know them well. They’ve got a ton of excellent resources that help adjusters identify storm damage as well as be able to identify what is NOT storm damage. I’ve got a bin full of their field books and use them constantly on cat.

In this video, I interview Ryan Holdhusen, Vice President of Haag Education, about just who Haag is, what they offer adjusters, AND some very cool news about their powerful Haag Certified Inspector program.

If you are a cat adjuster and you’ve been able to inspect at least 100 roofs (which is one or two storm’s worth for a new person) and you’re looking to pick up some advanced training that will truly move the needle on your work product and income, STOP looking at the drone training and run don’t walk to the Haag Certified Inspector program.

Whether you do it online or in a live classroom, this training will probably provide the single biggest improvement in your work product than anything else out there. The cost of the training will pay itself back 100-fold the first year and continue to pay dividends for the rest of your career.

Answer to the Question of the Day: A wood shake MUST be split AND have a hail impact that is clearly associated with that split.

A split by itself is likely a footfall. An impact by itself will weather back in to match and does NOT constitute function damage to a wood shake. Roofers will want to argue about this, but this has been the standard for every carrier I’ve worked for since 1999 and it hasn’t changed.

In fact, you can find this information in Haag’s Wood Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide. Just flip it open to that page and show the roofer that this is the standard you must apply to wood shake (or wood shingles for that matter).

Here’s a classic hail damaged shake:


No matter what anybody tells you, the shake at the very TOP of this post cannot be counted in your test square.