DORIAN UPDATE #1 | Max Olson Reporting

Watch the full report from Max Olsen:

IA Firms are putting many adjusters on standby to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Remember that being on STANDBY doesn't imply you will actually be deployed. Just a heads up that it could happen. This standby has likely gone out to thousands of adjusters so be ready, but don't do anything rash.

It is OK to be on standby for multiple IA Firms (remember they are putting lots of adjusters on standby... not just you). If an IA Firm calls to "stage" or "deploy" you then only do this for ONE COMPANY and be loyal to them.

Once we see if this hurricane makes landfall don't be shy on calling the IA Firms, although they'll say "don't call" I've typically gotten work when I called and didn't when I didn't.... coincidence? I think not!

If you are nervous about knowing how to handle auto or property claims IA PAth and AdjusterTV put together special offers of emergency training to help you survive your first storm.

The truth is only 50% of IA's who get deployed actually make it... many fail. If you aren't certain you are trained and ready for deployment then grab these training options to prepare you and to be a quick reference on the storm!