HUGE Schedule It Announcement!

Just in time for Hurricane Dorian, our good friends over at Schedule It have changed the way they charge for contacts.

And it’s a GOOD thing!

Instead of charging $9.99 per contact, they’ve moved over to a subscription model instead.

If you pay by the month, it’s $60 a month (still an insane bargain).

However, if you pay the full year up front, $480, it comes out to $40 a month.

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 3.28.00 PM-min.png

I mean, come on. Either way it’s a steal.

Why did Schedule It do this? They wanted their amazing service to be available to you year round as you do other kinds of claims work - dailies, etc.

Being able to schedule unlimited contacts for such a low price is truly a gamechanger.

Mathew Allen

I teach new catastrophe adjusters how to get started in the business.  I also build my own websites and sites for friends (who sometimes pay me).  In addition, I film and produce personal adventure videos for hunting and fishing clients.