36 inspected and closed claims in ONE DAY? - Part Two


In last week's video, I explained how experienced adjusters are able easily and consistently close 6 or more hail claims in day - day after day.

In this video, I'm going to break down how I was able to inspect, write, and CLOSE 36 claims in ONE DAY

Yes, I said THIRTY SIX

So this is a pretty bold statement, right?

36 closed claims in a day.  I mean, if nothing else, that's 36 full invoices I turned in.  I honestly can't remember how much they were for, but if I do the math with an average of $350 that's $12,600 earned in ONE DAY. 

I knew there was a reason I liked being an IA..

Okay, so let me break this down:

The stars really had to align in a big way in order for me to be able to scope, write, close INCLUDING SETTLE 36 claims in one day.

Number One

These were commercial claims for one insured.  They were rental properties in St. Charles, MO.  So that by itself was a HUGE help in doing this because I only had to talk to one guy.  I called him once to set the appointment, I met him briefly first thing in the morning on the day of the inspections - I got there at 6, and then we sat down at Arby's that afternoon and went over the claims.  Only having ONE point of contact for multiple claims is one of the best things about commercial property claims.

The way the carrier paid the IA's for claims like this is that even though the claims were all on one policy, because they were all distinct and separate buildings at different loss locations, they were billed by us as individual claims.

Number Two

The houses were all small one story rental properties.  Little houses with easy access to the roof helped the scopes to go really fast.

Number Three

Because these were rentals, I didn't have to scope any contents damaged by the hail since the tenants should have all had their own renter's insurance.  Also, all I had to do when I got to each house was knock on the door and let the tenant know I would be walking around the property and looking at the roof.  And most weren't home because it was a workday.

Number Four

Only one construction element was damaged - that is, only the roof was damaged.  None of the houses had gutters.  All of the houses were brick.  They had 2' overhangs so there was no screen damage, wraps damage, or window frame paint chips.  And fence and outbuildings weren't covered under these policies.

But it gets better....

Number Five

Each house was identical.  The roofs were a simple straight gable.  No eyebrows, no hips, no bay windows, nothing sticking out anywhere.  The shingles were all 3 tab and the roofs were all 3/12.   A couple of vents.  All the same.

AND..  the hail fell straight down and the damage was so obvious that it took mere seconds to complete my test squares.

So even though I took photos of the damage on each house (I did NOT copy photos from one to another), I only had to draw ONE roof diagram and add that to the estimate.  I definitely double checked the measurements on every house just to be sure.  And it was faster to take a pic of the diagram for each one instead of trying to reuse the same single diagram photo (I wasn't required to use Sketch for these).

So to sum up these five stars..  they ended up all having exactly the same damage, the same material (3 tab, no laminate), and the same dimensions.  All of them!

Number Six

And if THAT wasn't good enough..  they were all right next to each other.  So I just walked my ladder up and down the street and then over to the next block etc.

Number Seven

Because they were all identical, I was able to create the first estimate and then just copy and paste that estimate into each one.  I created one activity diary entry and had that open in a text doc.  Copy and paste.

So after I scoped them all, I sat in my truck and wrote them up.  Then I called the property manager back (he left me alone after looking at the first 2 or 3) and we went over the totals and next steps at a nearby Arby's.

I basically said, "like you saw this morning when we looked at a few together, only the roofs were damaged, and they're all X dollars each.  Depreciation is X and the deductible will be applied to THIS one"

Did I go into detail on each one?  No.  Why would I do that if they're all the same.  

So there you have it:  36 inspected AND completely closed hail claims DONE in one day - before dinner even! 

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Mathew Allen

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