Is getting deployed with an ia firm really sink or swim? [WARDLAW INTERVIEW]


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Everybody who’s a successful independent adjuster has been there: a license, maybe some training, a pile of gear and a new laptop.. but no experience!

One of the biggest fears that new people have when facing their first deployment is whether or not the company they’re deploying with will be able to help them be successful.

The truth is, not every IA firm is set up to have help rooms and other additional on-site training resources for new people (especially on very large events like hurricanes).

When you apply to firms, always ask what resources they have for new (and experienced) people to help you be successful on your first deployments so you don’t crash and burn.

In this interview with Eric Payonk, Field Director at Wardlaw Claims, we talk about the resources this IA firm has available to help adjusters in the field.

In addition, Wardlaw is actively looking for new adjusters so be sure to check them out below.

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Wardlaw Claims Service

A nationwide claims management company with thousands of adjusters on the roster, Wardlaw Claims Service handles Daily and Catastrophe (CAT) Residential and Commercial Property Losses as well as auto losses.

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