Outsourcing for Independent Adjusters...?

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The dictionary definition of outsourcing:

obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.

As independent claims adjusters, it may not seem like we can use outsourcing. We’re making calls, scoping properties, writing estimates and file docs.. then making more calls.

So what part of that could we outsource to make our jobs a little bit easier and our workflow a bit faster?

Consider that diagramming and measuring a large, cut-up roof can take upwards of two hours alone.

There are actually several places, but in this video, I interview Jason Timmerman from Ridgetop Aerial Technologies (aka Ridgetop Sketch) about how ordering a roof diagram CAD can significantly speed up not only your inspections, but your estimate writing as well.

But how is this outsourcing?

Partial sample report from Ridgetop Sketch

Partial sample report from Ridgetop Sketch


Well, consider that diagramming and measuring a large, cut-up roof can take upwards of two hours alone. Therefore having a roof diagram that you can drop into your estimate in 60 seconds represents a significant time and effort savings. Not to mention a definite safety benefit.

The service Ridgetop Sketch provides also includes a robust backend that will allow you to track how much you spent in a year or quarter on sketches for your taxes, as well as historical imagery that allows adjusters to see what the roof looked like at different points in time - this will help adjusters see if the damage they’re looking at is from the date of loss for this claim, or if it’s old damage and shouldn’t be included. You can also add fence and deck reports to your roof CAD so you’re not pacing off hundreds of feet of fence.

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Want to know more?

Watch the exclusive interview with Jason Timmerman, ridgetop sketch founder and president:

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