What does Pilot Catastrophe look for on an adjuster resume?

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In this video, I talk with Andrew Price - a senior recruiter at Pilot Catastrophe Services - about what Pilot looks for on adjuster resumes and how they evaluate new adjusters.

Some of his answers might surprise you so this is a must-watch. Pilot is one of the biggest IA firms in the US and if you haven’t worked for them yet, you probably will sooner or later, especially if you’re a new adjuster.

Pilot does not do hold-backs or charge-backs. Closed claim invoices are paid-in-full according to their pay schedule.

Pilot Catastrophe Services was founded in 1983 and has been a leading provider of property and auto adjusters and other insurance support personnel for decades.

Joining Pilot’s team has some benefits (which are pretty awesome):

  • No hold-backs/no charge-backs (kind of a big deal)

  • No delays in pay – Payroll is processed on a regular basis

  • Consistently provided support rooms, field trainers and technical support

  • The opportunity to participate in our 401(k) retirement savings program and Flexible Spending Plan

Check out the exclusive interview with Andrew price, senior recruiter at pilot catastrophe services:

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