Wifi Ranger Install and Review

As full-time RV'ers, reliable, fast internet is an absolute must.  

We scoured the internet for options on how to boost the reliability of our internet connection.  

We settled on the Wifi Ranger Sky Pro Pack (promo code WFRMA5), which includes the following:

  • WiFiRanger SkyPro
    • 30FT Ethernet Cable
    • Installation Kit
  • WiFiRanger Core
    • 110VAC Power Adapter & 12V Wire Harness
    • Quick Start Guidance

The solution I found for getting the cable inside from the roof was this little guy:

Cable Pass-Through Gadget

Cable Pass-Through Gadget




I took the cable and the cable pass-through over to an electronics store to see if they could show me how to clip off the plug and then reattach it - the reason why is that the plug won't fit through the opening in the pass-through.  

After that, it was just a simple matter of finding the right spot to install the external SkyPro, routing the cable inside, mounting the internal Core...  then plugging it all in.  

The setup was super simple and only took a few minutes.

I followed these videos to get up to speed:  http://wifiranger.com/support#videos

Mathew Allen

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