Hip Roof Shortcuts

Sometimes it just makes sense to diagram and measure a roof yourself.  

If I don't have access to an Eagleview and the roof isn't extremely complicated, I will - more often than not - just diagram and measure the roof myself.  

An important tip:  I will add up my measurements BEFORE I get off the roof so that if I missed a measurement, I don't have to climb back up my ladder.  Also, if there's a threshold that I have to exceed before I can pay for a full replacement, I want to know that before I get back in the car to write everything up.

And after the video, download Karl's Roofing Cheatsheet!  


Shortcuts (text version):

  • Shortcut #1 - in this shortcut, we ADD the biggest valley length and it's little corresponding hip ridge. These two together equal the main hip ridges - also, the valley measurement is the same as the hip ridges on the corresponding offset.

  • Shortcut #2 - if you look at the right and left slopes NOT INCLUDING any offsets from the main roof, you'll see a triangle. If you get HALF of that length, double it, and then add it to the MAIN RIDGE LENGTH, you'll get the MAIN EAVE LENGTH. I only get half of this triangle length because if there's an offset, I can't see where to stop measuring. But I CAN see the peak and so I will line myself up with this peak and then double that measurement.

Less walking around and fewer physical measurements means we're off this roof FASTER with an accurate diagram.

And, as promised, the uncut version of me diagramming and measuring this roof (complete with unedited audio for laughs):

Mathew Allen

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