What Do You Do When You're Not on a Cat?

We work our tails off all summer.  Sometimes there's a very large hurricane or fire that gives us an opportunity to go and help.  But either way, with this job there's always some downtime.  Of course, what you choose to do with that downtime is up to you.  

However, because the nature of our income is variable, it's important to not find yourself scrounging for change by the time storm season rolls around again.  

We want to protect the money we've made and really the best way to do that is to earn more money during our down time.  We want something easy to pick up and easy to quit and that makes us enough extra money to at least cover our basic living expenses (or a large part of them) so that we can preserve as much of that fantastic storm income as we can.

Welcome to the Side Hustle.

Probably the easiest thing we can do is get into the Sharing Economy.  This is what things like Lyft, Uber, Grubhub, Postmates, etc., are called in general. 

These jobs only require that we turn on the app and start accepting rides or deliveries.  And we can walk away with zero notice and be gone for weeks or months.  When we come back, they're waiting for us like we never even left.  No boss to explain ourselves to, no HR department to deal with, nobody to answer to..  It's simple and earning some extra cash is as simple as turning on our phones.  I like it!

Of course, there are other options, especially for seasonal work.  But for me and my family, to make some extra cash in the downtimes, Sharing Economy jobs are it.  

Mathew Allen

I teach new catastrophe adjusters how to get started in the business.  I also build my own websites and sites for friends (who sometimes pay me).  In addition, I film and produce personal adventure videos for hunting and fishing clients.