Manage Your Storm Down to the Hour

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As a cat adjuster, your priority is volume.  If you’ve never worked cat, but you’ve worked daily claims or worked as a staff adjuster or contractor, understand that closing as many claims as possible during the day is the name of the game.  If it’s light out, you’re on a roof.  You’re not getting paid by the hour.


So your main tasks during the day are:

  1. inspections

  2. corrections

  3. callbacks

  4. first contacts

Inspections are the most important thing and will take up the bulk of your day.  But if you build in an hour or 90 minutes to get caught up on calls and to call any new claims you get that day, you’ll thank yourself later.  Getting back to your hotel room at 8:30pm isn’t a great time to make calls.

If you get claims sent back to you - and you will, everybody does - you have 24 hours to make the corrections and reupload.  In many cases you have to call the insured if the corrections resulted in a change in their settlement amount.  Corrections WILL happen so why not build in some time to deal with them during your day so they don’t get lost in the shuffle?

The bottom line is that you need to be closing quality claims quickly and the only way to do it is to be hyper organized.  

Claim Workflow

In a nutshell, these are the things that will almost always happen in a claim, no matter if it’s a tiny water spot on the ceiling or a 30 building apartment complex that’s burned to the ground (you could probably retire for the year on that claim)

  1. receive claim

  2. print claim

  3. route and schedule claim

  4. contact insured and set appointment

  5. inspection:

    1. scope

    2. write

      1. estimate

      2. diary/GLR

      3. claim summary

      4. damage eval

      5. invoice

    3. settle on site

  6. upload completed claim

Each part of this process presents opportunities to streamline your workflow and make it more efficient.  

The Four Day Cycle

Manage every hour of your storm with the following Four Day Cycle guide:

Days One, Two, and Three

  1. your first inspections. 9am. If you’re brand new, I recommend doing just this one today. After you complete this inspection, head back to the office and sit down with a field support person or your manager and get this claim closed all the way.

Day Four

  1. paper day - today is the day that you set for yourself as a buffer. Some people call it an admin day, an office day, or an underwear day (because you’re in your undies all day in your hotel room).

    1. use this day to get caught up, to return calls, to write up supplements and corrections. Keep in mind that you should be doing these things EVERY day, but your paper day is for making sure that you don’t fall behind.

    2. guard the underwear day. It’s here to help you win.

Repeat until you’re done with your claims.

Mathew Allen

I teach new catastrophe adjusters how to get started in the business.  I also build my own websites and sites for friends (who sometimes pay me).  In addition, I film and produce personal adventure videos for hunting and fishing clients.