Top Cat Adjusters Do These Three Things

Just knowing how to estimate a roof in Xactimate is not enough.  Being on 25 rosters and having 35 licenses is definitely not enough.  How do you convert your first storm into continued call backs?  How do you get on the first call list and make consistent six figure income?  Concentrate on these three things:

#1 Accuracy:

Accuracy is simply how accurate are your estimates?  Our estimates are a reflection of how accurate our scopes are.  So we have to be thorough with our scopes.

Are they perfect down to the nail and the square inch?  (hint, they don’t have to be).  

Accuracy helps because it greatly reduces reinspections and supplements.  

It also helps the customer because there’s much less hassle if everything is taken care of up front.

And it’s good for backend people like desk adjusters working the tails of these claims and cleanup folks.  

If you’re on cleanup, you don’t want to be reinspecting a bunch of your own claims for missing damage.  

#2 Production:

Production is how quickly you are turning over your claims.  
How fast you are closing claims?

Production is a function of workflow efficiency.  In other words, how efficient are you at each part of the claims process?  

The faster you can close claims, the more you’ll be paid. New claims are assigned to the adjusters who close claims and the MOST claims on a storm go to those who close claims fastest.

#3 Customer Service:

  • How are you treating the customer?  

  • Are you taking extra time to listen to the insured's concerns?  

  • Are you spending all the time you need to be sure they fully understand the claims process?

  • Are you setting realistic expectations and then exceeding them?  
    Communication, rapport, and empathy all drive really great customer service numbers.  

Make the customer happy by being honest, responsive, and accurate.  Not by giving them piles of money.

"How am I supposed to close claims fast if I’m spending extra time talking to the insured or being accurate with my claims?”    

Great question and this is where the truly great adjusters - the ones who are making six figures every year and are constantly being deployed - this is where they run away from the crowd of mediocre adjusters. 

Elite adjusters maximize speed, file quality, and customer service at the same time.


Absolutely not.

All of the top adjusters I know who are so busy they are turning down deployment calls have this in common:  they focus intensely on these three things:  customer service, accuracy, and productivity.  


When you can streamline your work processes in how you manage your schedule, how you scope, and how you work through Xactimate, it leaves a lot of extra time that you can spend taking care of your insureds.  

Much of what I’m going to be talking about as we go forward with this channel will revolve around streamlining those processes so that new and experienced adjusters can make the most of storm season and build solid careers in cat claims that will last.

Thank you so much for watching!  

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Mathew Allen

I teach new catastrophe adjusters how to get started in the business.  I also build my own websites and sites for friends (who sometimes pay me).  In addition, I film and produce personal adventure videos for hunting and fishing clients.