You've got your adjuster license.. now what??

Okay, so you got your adjuster license..

What’s next?

  1. Don’t quit your day job!!  I highly recommend that you ramp up your claims career starting as a side hustle for your regular current job.  Two ways to do this:

    1. Property photo inspections

    2. Auto photo inspections - and auto - at this point in 2018 is probably the best option in the short term.  You can get up and running extremely quickly and do everything through an app.  Property is good for this as well, but it’s mostly wind/hail at the moment.  That’s changing, but it might be a couple of years before there are property photo inspection opportunities on more complex claims like water claims - GET STARTED HERE.

    3. One of the major benefits of doing this is so that after you quit your day job to go on a cat deployment, you will have built up a nice side hustle that you can stop and start whenever you want - for example:  when you get home from your first storm and don’t know when the next one is.

  2. Save back some money - how much?  Well, this is what I recommend:

    1. An emergency fund of at least three months of living expenses for your family

    2. A storm fund of at least 4 weeks of expenses that you’re likely to have on a cat deployment - fuel, hotel, food, supplies, Xactimate subscription, etc.

    3. If you don’t already have your storm gear (laptop, ladder, etc), you’ll need money set aside to pay for those things BEFORE you get deployed.  

    4. And for training, which we’ll talk about in number 3:

  3. Get trained up yo - The only time I will ever tell you to go on a storm without some kind of training under your belt is if hurricane Katrina is about to make landfall.  With some guidance, you can stumble your way through a huge event like that and have a chance of coming out the other side with some money and the start to a career.

    1. But because those kind of events don’t happen every year, you need to get training

    2. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say forevermore - you can make more as a cat adjuster than 99% of people coming out of college with BA.  

      1. So I don’t want you to skimp on your training.  Switching over to becoming a cat IA is a big deal and to make the kind of money that you’ve heard you can make, you have to be ALL IN.  So much so that it’s really a lifestyle more than a career.

      2. So dig around and find the absolute best training you can get and spend the money on it.  

      3. If you look at it this way, if you get top-shelf training and get your career started properly, you’ll probably be able to pay yourself back for that high quality training in a season or two.  

      4. I mean, would you spend $10,000 if you KNEW that it would return 10x that?  

Wrap up - So there you have it:  the top three things to do after you get your license:

  1. Start a photo inspection side hustle so you can ease in and get paid while doing it.

  2. Start saving for your emergency fund, your gear and expenses, and your training

  3. Get the very best training you can

Mathew Allen

I teach new catastrophe adjusters how to get started in the business.  I also build my own websites and sites for friends (who sometimes pay me).  In addition, I film and produce personal adventure videos for hunting and fishing clients.