Getting started as an auto adjuster is confusing and complicated.

Enroll in the “Auto Adjuster's Crash Course”

And learn step-by-step how to jumpstart your career and get work immediately so that you can help people and reach your financial goals.

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 ”What I love about Chris is that he’s got the heart of a teacher.  His training is a reflection of who he is:  a generous servant who truly wants his students to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.”
— Mathew Allen - Founder: AdjusterTV
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Why adjustertv endorses IA Path's Auto training and mentoring:


His comprehensive training is designed to give his students the best of what's working now in auto claims handling and career building.  

Chris provides hundreds of hours of completely free podcast and video content designed to help you learn more about this industry and up your game as an auto adjuster.  Not to mention the vibrant and engaged community he's built for his students. 

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Features of the Auto Adjuster's Crash Course:


Auto Damage Certification

Get the 3-5 year experience requirement WAVED so you can start receiving claims NOW with 15 IA Firms across the nation.

Don't sit around waiting, wondering, or wishing you could get work, CLAIM YOUR LIFE!


Crash Course Study Videos

Learn from our self-paced Crash Course study videos so you can be ready for the certification and testing.

From the parts of the car, to setting up appointments, writing estimates, and closing claims we have you covered!


Interactive Workshops

Live online face to face workshops that put your new knowledge to the test.

Join students and Chris Stanley in writing estimates, completing homework, ask questions, and learn to succeed in the industry.


Audatex Training Access

Get one months access during the testing & certification to learn how to write estimates inside of the Audatex Estimating software.

You can't get access to this software for that long without a one year agreement that puts you paying $250/mo! Except here.


IA Path Community

Get a new career and network with the IA Path Community. Many students say this is the MOST valuable part of course.

Ask questions, interact, and build your IA Network in our safe private social media platform so you can ask all the questions you want and get answers fast!


Claim Portal

All homework and testing is upload through a live claim portal giving you VALUABLE experience.

Thanks to Claim Leader you'll be familiar and ready to upload to IA Firms and familiar with the process. 


Ready to get started?

Get the AdjusterTV “Roadmap to Property Claims” mini-training FREE when you sign up through this page.

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The AdjusterTV “Roadmap to Property Claims” is an in-depth guide for transitioning into property claims.  


  • Everything you need to know about licensing INCLUDING which licenses to get FIRST and how to get them.

  • A primer on property-specific hands-on training as well as software training.

  • The best gear - including vehicles - for handling property field claims.

  • And much more!