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you won’t be assigned claims without an adjuster license

You can get on IA Firm Rosters by using AdjusterPro, because AdjusterPro makes it easy to GET and MAINTAIN your adjuster licenses.

Pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education credits - all in one place

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“AdjusterPro is THE gold-standard for adjuster licensing. You’ll find everything you need to get licensed in one place.”

Mathew Allen - AdjusterTV founder


Get licensed now


Exclusive pre-licensing

AdjusterPro’s pre-licensing satisfies the exam requirements in several KEY states:

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Comprehensive exam prep

Learn everything you need to know - and nothing you don’t - in order to pass these state exams:

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Adjuster licenses are extremely important:

  • Most IA firms won’t let you handle claims for them if you don’t have at the very minimum your home state or Designated Home State adjuster license

  • Studying for state adjuster licensing exams will provide you with valuable insurance and policy training and understanding

  • It’s a critical first-step into a rewarding career as an IA - when you receive your first license YOU ARE NOW AN ADJUSTER.

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Why adjuster TV has partnered with adjusterpro:


Of all the resources for you, there really is none more important than your adjuster license, especially your first one.  

You'll need it to do just about everything else - some adjuster schools even require you to have one before they'll let you enroll.

AdjusterTV has partnered with AdjusterPro because AdjusterPro provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use way to get and maintain adjuster licenses.

Most importantly, AdjusterPro was founded by independent adjusters and the team at AdjusterPro is dedicated to helping you thrive as an adjuster.


Don’t know which licenses to get? You’ll need this Licensing Guide: