Reverse Bolt Black.png

About the Reverse Bolt Logo

The Logo has several meanings.

The most obvious is that it represents storms - which are the bread and butter of the cat property adjuster.  

Second, not quite so obvious, is that it also represents a sort of vintage, throwback broadcasting/film symbol.  Think radio towers with bolts shooting from the top of them.  AdjusterTV's primary focus is producing great video content so it made sense to include something in the logo that honors this heritage.

I reversed the bolt to make it more distinctive and to signify that the way I handle claims and the way I teach is a little bit unorthodox.  By not going with the crowd and innovating my own way of structuring my workflow I've exceeded my own expectations as well as the expectations of those with whom I contract to handle claims.

Most importantly, a lightning bolt is extremely destructive.  It destroys most things that it touches.  But where something is destroyed, there is the opportunity for a new creation.  This lightning bolt in our lives can represent the destruction of who we used to be:

  • trading our time for dollars in a job we don’t really like
  • never seeming to be able to get ahead
  • never being able to take some time off to be with our families
  • never being able to work on the things we value most in our lives
  • always working for someone else and never ourselves

If we destroy who we used to be and burn the bridge behind us, we have no choice but to move forward as a new creation who:

  • has taken control of our own destiny
  • can help people in their time of crisis during hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
  • can finally get control of our time and income so that we can achieve true financial freedom

Finally, I think it's pretty cool and it looks good on a hat :)

Thank you for reading about how and why I came up with this logo.  

And thank you for watching AdjusterTV!